Society informations

Mel-Kadakkavur Ksheera Vyavasaya Sahakarana Sanghom Ltd. No.- T 17(D) is a registered traditional co-operative milk society, was established in 1972 with an authorized capital of Rs. 12500.00. The area of operation of the society extends to the geographical areas of Chirayinkeezhu, Kadakkavur and Vakkom Panchayats. The society has developed a net work of 2000 dairy farmers in its area of operation. About 3500 Liters of milk per day is procured and sold through traditional method. The society has separate set up for continuance of this traditional method without interruption.

The governing body of the society comprising nine eminent personalities from the member dairy farmers. The society is providing direct employment to more than Two hundred persons and not less than Ten thousand families indirectly. The society is having an annual turnover of 25 crores and continues to be in profit for decades. The society by understanding the importance of mixed farming for sustainable development in this sector now diversified its production to organic farming inputs apart from dairying.