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A dairy plant runs by Mel-Kadakkavur KVCS Ltd. is popularly known as Milco Dairy. It is an ISO 9001:2008 & HACCP certified co-operative dairy plant located nearby Attingal town in Thiruvanantha puram district of Kerala state.

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Milk Products - Milk, Ice Creams & Desserts, Fat Products, Fermented Products, Sweets & Chocolates.

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To develop self-reliance, thrift habits and entrepreneurial ability among the members, assistance to own milk animals,provide all types of input services to them.To undertake the activity of milk procurement,processing and its marketing,open and operate milk selling units,milk depots etc,establish and maintain machines and tools forĀ milk storage and handling milk and milk products.

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To make Milco one of the most respected brands in dairy/ food products category in Kerala by the year 2025.

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To represent and support member farmers, providing high value for theirĀ  produce by value addition and make available quality products and services to customers at reasonable rate.

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